If You Hang Christmas Lights

How would I attach lights to this stone fireplace for a customer?

He is wanting the lights to follow the roof line and then go up and over the fireplace and back down to the other roof line.

Any help is appreciated.

I will find it once home if needed but there is a clear plastic “clip” which is screwed into brick/stone. It looks like and “S”. the wire slides under the bottom and top of the “S” and the light sits in the middle. Did a general search and couldn’t find one.

Hope this posts (been having issues all year from this computer)

C7 or C9 Combo clips | Christmas Light Clips | 50 Pack

This is not the one I was talking about, but would get the job done. I see this one used more on commercial property where the lights remain up year round.

Sorry I looked for over an hour once home and can’t find the one I mentioning. If needed I could take some pictures of one over the weekend and shoot you the picture.

Hey Dave I really appreciate the help!

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Here is a link to another type of brick clip. Haven’t used it myself so I can’t say how well it works.

Village Lighting Company :: Prograde Lighing and Training

Streaker has a good link. The brick clip will fasten if you have an 1/8th inch reveal of the brick from the mortar. Says it can hold up to 25 lbs. Wanted to use them on a commercial light project I have next week but unfortunately the brick is flush with the mortar.

Have you called your supplier to see what they recommend?

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I’m new to the window cleaning industry, but I have been installing Christmas lights on commercial and residential properties for about 12 years.
I recomend using shingle tabs( for your c-9 or c-7 bulbs). Then you can atatch these to the brick using a parapet clip. Just google these for pictures. The parapet clips can be installed using clear silicone adhesive or drill small holes and secrured with plastic anchors with and galvanized screws. The parapet clips are clear and flat and can be left up year around after the c-9 or c-7 bulbs are taken down. I get most of my supplies from Paul at Creative Displays. creativedisplays.com
Hope this helps