If you were going to rename

Your business… what would you name it?

Elite Window Cleaning instead of washing. For internet purposes.

I’m content with my business name, but if I had to choose another name, here’s my 2nd pick…


I wouldnt change mine,

Agreed… I wouldn’t change mine

I am not sure what I’d name it, but I probably take the “window” connotation out of it. I have added so many other services that I think naming it I DO WINDOWS, is misleading. Should have been less specific and more personalized.

Stick with our name as well.
When we first started back in 2002 my wife kept asking me to come up with a name for our company. She called me on my cell phone one day when I was in Noble Manor Shopping Center and said you need to come up with a name for this company. I looked up at the sign and said what about Noble Window Cleaning. She said I think I like it!

Here’s some pics of the company name on our pick-up.

So much thought go’s into a name for your business, I got a guy helping me right now who is trying to come up on a name for his, “clear view” was the first thing he thought of…told him to google it, and he had to rethink it…

lets try it again.

I agree. I racked my dome for weeks trying to come up with a good name.

IDOWINDOWS…and more…:slight_smile:

Id keep my name, I was considering clearview and decided against it and came up w/crystal clear. I have customers who actually think my name is crystal and call me crystal( I guess because I’m female and the name “Crystal”, they just assume…theyve been doing it for so long, I feel bad telling them its not :o

All County Window cleaning

How do you think I feel, Bert? Name of my company is, Windows Only. It was windows only for the first several years. Now, We’re not just “Windows Only” anymore! I’ve thought about changing the name every year for years. Just haven’t pulled the trigger. I did think of a name I would change it to, but it’s already registered in my area. Haven’t come up with anything amazing since…

Linda are you and Bill going to Reno? Mrs Squeegee said it won’t be the same it you aren’t there.