If you're going to get drunk

And get yourself thrown in jail for public intoxication, and have your mom text me pretending to be you saying you need to take off for a sick day, after showing up the day before without your uniform, and in the same week you said you needed to be off on Friday because you have a friend coming to visit, and you just started the job 2 weeks ago, you shouldn’t be surprised at all that you got fired, even though you brought your grandpa along to help make excuses for you.

Sorry just venting about my morning.

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Sounds like a fine, upstanding young man!

  • hope your day gets better.

LOL the joys of employees

seems like you’ve been thru the mill lately on new hires Steve

People are pretty ridiculous sometimes, aren’t they? Sounds like he was a “thumbsucker”.

Very funny post, Steve. I know its frustrating but laughing at this stuff can help.

In my defense I was drinking inside the bar. I was thrown into public

Partly because now I have much higher standards and put up with less nonsense.

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Yeah, I alternate between being totally dumbfounded and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

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Did you fire him dressed as you are in your avatar?

Oh, that’s to bad. I was going to move to Murray and needed a job.:slight_smile:

New Hire? Still on probation? You can let them go without any cause or explanation, that’s what new hire probation is about

In Oregon, you don’t need a reason to fire anyone.

Really his Grandpa came along? That is so sad in many ways. You’re better off with him.

Did his grandpa need a job?

Nor in PA

But unless you have your butt covered really well than they will get unemployment that you pay for.

Move to Murray and I’ll I sell you the whole enchilada mi amigo!

Yep and it was heartbreaking to see the disappointment in the old veteran’s eyes that I wasn’t changing my mind. Made me a little angry that this young man will not address these issues that are causing his family so much pain.

In Kentucky they have to be employed with you for at least 10 weeks to file unemployment against you. Also, KY is an “at will” employment state meaning you can fire someone without giving a reason at all.