Ignorance and procrastination cost me money!

Here is a picture of the job I did on Saturday. I have been doing this house quarterly for 2 years. It has 855 French panes and it typically takes me and my guys 2 1/2 hours to clean the outside.

This past Saturday I did them by myself with my WFP in 1.5 hours.

They say that a smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from other peoples mistakes.

Be wise, learn from my mistakes and get your WFP setup before the season gets into high gear. It just makes good financial cents!

And, Alex is the best one to go to for sound advice and guidance on WFP products.

You yourself said it!

I mentioned this in another post a few weeks ago, but I just recently introduced myself to the wonders of pure water cleaning.

My first WFP job, 86 windows, exteriors, Frenchies every one of them, and even with the learning curve it took me 2 1/2 hours. Probably wouldve taken me a day by hand.

Agreed, get your WFP setup, its worth every penny! Also agreed that Alex is the man!

Solid advice Brett!

hehe sounds great. I got a little stash of cash i am saving for my systems in the future. Until then it is the normal way :slight_smile:

how much $$$ did u make?


Contrary to popular belief…I would never kiss and tell. But I will tell you that the money I SAVED, paid for half of the pole.

Another thing to remember is you will cut your time even more on the next clean. Because you have been cleaning these windows with soap in the past it takes a little more time the first clean with the wfp. Next clean the windows will be soapless and you can more a little faster. Glad you had a good experience

Sounds like you made some money then :slight_smile: . For those big homes that have 800-1000 frenchies WFPS are the only way. Last year I did a house with 800 panes all by hand, it took our crew of 3 about 7 hrs in 104 degree heat. We could only do one pane at a time! Really bad decision. This year Im gonna tame that beast with pure water!

5 man hours down to 1.5, that is great

French panes are the biggest winner with wfp by far and away
nice gloss painted frames are the absolute best


It was actually me and 3 guys, so it was a total of 10 man hours down to 1.5 hours

my season starts to die now. Im getting everything set up next year for wfp. even though we realy dont have alot a frenchies out here i know it will save me time and aloww me to market to the million dollar homes more effectivly and efficently.

I’m starting to learn that there’s no such thing as a “slow window cleaning season”, its just a “busier marketing season” :slight_smile:

nice reframing of it Chris!

even better!

although something must have been extra tough, seems like a long time even for squeegee, maybe the ladder or access issues, oh wait, you said one pane at a time in sun and wind, sheesh.

you’ll be looking for large french pane houses from now on I bet!


I have a couple of issues with this house. Most of the windows are in direct sunlight, all of the window sections are 12’ tall so ladders are needed even on the first floor, and…the owner is a Vascular Surgeon. He is used to looking at very tiny details. Close enough is not close enough…they all must be perfect! (including the corners of every pane).

Here is the good news…with the WFP they all came out perfect…even by his eye.

As far as looking for French pane houses…I have dozens of regular customers with houses like this. That is part of what motivated me to make the leap to WFP.