I'm getting T-shirts made need a little help

I’m just curious about what you all put on your working t-shirts

happen to have any shots of your own work shirts?


Here are my shirts. Simple but nice. I’m thinking of getting some t-shirts screenprinted so I’m a bit more comfortable when working. I’d use these more as sales shirts when I’m trying to get business.

We put our logo on left chest and logo and # on back.

Here’s a pic of me in mine.


+2 <- I would recommend phone # on the back if you can fit it. We get tons of work from people seeing our guys working in strip malls. People can grab the # with out feeling like they are disturbing the guys.

1st pic is of the front left chest, 2nd pic is of the back. This is the current design but will be changinging it soon.

We have only the name of our company embroidered on ours. Blue polo shirt, white lettering. By the way, how much do you usually pay for embroidery or screenprinting?

Actually, I have a big-ass phone number on the back, along with some add-on services.

If you do any pressure washing with 12.5% it would be a great idea to also get some white shirts made. I had 14 shirts made now Im down to 8 because pressure washing.

Heather grey 50/50 works great for PWing. 100% cotton works OK for PW but NOT for roof cleaning.

Great idea. Thanks