I'm glad snowboarding only happens in the off season

Took my son snowboarding the day after christmas and wiped out pretty bad. landed on my ribs and busted them up pretty good. I could actually poke one of them in the front and feel it shift on the side. Im just guessing that I have about 3 breaks in total, maybe a bruised one on the back. Sneezed a little while ago and think that i re broke one that was healing, knocked the wind out of me.

Hows everyone else been this week?

Better than that! Sorry to hear of your injury. Hopefully you’ll be able to get back out onto the slopes before the season is over.
Where do you go, Brodie or Jiminy?

Get better man!

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Good luck with the heal up… I broke 3 a few years ago the pain lasted for about 6 months :frowning:

Dan, I usually take it easy and rip Wachusset Mt. Small mountain, nothing too special but its only 45 min away from me so I go there a lot. Better mountains are about 3-4 hour away. I only go there when I have extra cash for a hotel. I hate driving that long after a long day boarding.

Tanks guys, hope this heals quick