I'm Not Liking This

Why on earth someone would put tomato plants right in front of the windows at his car dealership is far beyond me. But of course I will be considered the bad guy if I don’t avoid getting my solution on them. He said I could skip the outsides for the summer if it would be easier. Oookaaaayyyy!:rolleyes:

Unfortunately this place is part of a very small once every 4 week route. If I lose one of the three accounts I might as well drop the other two. That’s how barely worth it this cluster is to service.

Does he think your window cleaning solution will harm is tomato plants?

Well Micah, the former window cleaner probably used ammonia. They say he just didn’t care about the plants. Can’t fault him too much I guess except for using a great but harsh cleaner. I’ve been using gg4 or dish detergent all along. He thought that had dried them out early in the season. Forget the fact that it’s been a bad tomato year around here.

Them’s are some sad looking maters…you should mix up a few 5 gals of miracle grow and dump it in there and tell him the reason why they are doing so well is your GG4, then tell him for the betterment of his crop, during the summer he should go bi-monthly.

Switch over to some TSP. hahahahaha.

No actually use this to your advantage. He cares a lot for these tomato plants. So go way overboard in protecting them. After a few cleanings, if you have to raise your price, he’ll go for it, knowing that you’re taking care of his plants.

I have a very picky customer. So I just go WAY overboard in detailing. They pay me dearly because I understand what they want.

plants never do well anywhere near car engines. thats why if you park a car over grass it kills the grass,the vapour from the engine etc is so toxic.i was a mechanic many years and now have no sense of smell due to engine vapour


Is this kick starting the soap war again…?


A solution with ammonia would be good for the plants. It contains nitrogen. Throw your solution with ammonia
on your lawn. That part of the lawn will be green.

Actually Merv the plants are already at the stage of putting out blooms and nitrogen produces green leafs but not blooms with these tomatos. So the level they are at now they need Phosphorous and calcium ( bone meal) to produce the tomato !


Dan that’s crazy having to work around those plant…What’s that store manager into /


I doubt it.

But your asking just might.

TSP, aka Zombie Soap. Because zombies and TSP are both bad for your health, and no matter how many bullets you put through it— it just won’t f**king die. —> :wink: <—

So the tomatoes need Phosphorous huh?

Hmmm, I wonder what has Phosphorous or something similar in it that could possibly be used on the windows?

Oh wait, I know!! TSP (aka Zombie Soap) it has phosphates which is similar to Phosphorous in that it helps things grow and come back to life-- like algae, tomato plants and dead people. —> :wink: <—

[QUOTE=Dangerous;144579]Actually Merv the plants are already at the stage of putting out blooms and nitrogen produces green leafs but not blooms with these tomatos. So the level they are at now they need Phosphorous and calcium ( bone meal) to produce the tomato !



What level are they at now? Was the customer worried about the lack of fruit?
I guess I missed something here. Window cleaning solutions are usually good for plants in general.
I don’t know about tsp. I mean dish soap and ammonia. The customer should be happy with the


The plants at the windows are at full size and at that level you want them putting out blooms not new suckers or leaves ! Nitrogen produces a plant to get big but nitrogen don’t put out blooms which puts out tomato’s.

Once your plant get big enough you want blooms and phosphorous is what produces stronger roots and stems and it puts out blooms and with bone meal the blooms put out tomato’s…

Now tsp is a phosphate and phosphate is a phosphorous but a fertilizer like super bloom with 60 % phosphorous is much better then TSP in the plant but TSP will help produce blooms , but as a gardener one want to buy fertilizer made for plants and tsp is a soap but it will not kill the plant !

I have a vegetable garden and the things I mentioned are the things I use plus other things, As
Dan said it anit a tomato year but my plants are producing tons of tomato’s, because I’m following the pattern that produces, I also put down llama poop when I first till the soil, it works great !

These are my plants 2months ago…

12% Nitrogen 55% phosphorous 6 % ?

Link about Phosphorous


I knew it :wink:

Are they tomato plants?
Oh sorry I thought it looked like some thing else.:o;):smiley:

Yes they are T- plants but now they are twice as big with a lot of tomato’s on them !

talking of plants,last winter i found a really weird tough looking plant growing near the beach here. my brother in France later took a few seeds home with him and is growing 1 this summer. it is about 3ft high ,has big rubbery leaves and big spikey seed pods . it also Stinks to high heaven and is growing on his balcony. we have not found it in any books yet

Thanks Dang. I am going to use the information. My son has a lot of tomato plants with leaves but
no blossoms. I am going to tell him to cut down on the nitrogen and increase the phosphorus.

Oh your welcome Merv,

In a month or 2 I’m going to have so many tomato’s that I going to need to can them !
Canning is a lot of hot work, but boy the results are great.

Danny…Getting back to the thread, it’s to bad you need to deal with having to cover them things it looks like a bunch of them.