I'm trying to get started

So I’m trying to get started window cleaning. What’s the best way and the cheapest way to advertise my window cleaning business? Is just going door to door the best and cheapest way? I’ve heard that window cleaning for residences is more profitable than for businesses, is this true?

Thanks for the help!

It may be the cheapest but door to door is grueling. Try going to the same homes and leaving fliers or door hangers. Cheap, very effective and you can pick the neighborhoods you want to work in. I started by typing up a simple flier on my computer, had em printed at Staples on colored paper and black ink. It cost .08 cents apiece. I did 1000 for 80 dollars. I got an average of 4-8 jobs every time I did this. I did that once a month all my 1st year in the biz.

I have used flyers designed by WCR. I’ve hand delivered to my target neighborhoods with a terrific return so far. 1000 flyers or so with 8-10 jobs scheduled. It’s a family affair, my wife and two young boys hop in the car an spend an hour or so delivering them. We talk about what’s going on with the boys in school and such. Makes marketing even more productive!

I think that’s the way most of us start off, except the few who have deep pockets and can do other streams of

Great post. I echo Phil’s advice. Put out fliers or door hangers. You can design something yourself, or if you have $350 to join the WCRA, you’ll get tons of great designs for free. One good job will pay for the membership.

I use EDDM through the post office, but still put out fliers in specific areas that are too small to hit via EDDM, when I want to test something on small scale (read: cheaply), or when I want to make a hyper-local flier of some kind.

Good luck man!