Importance of company image and branding

Here is an article I ran across that I thought it was interesting because it address something that’s been on my mind a lot lately.!&id=1333147

Kris Cook is a member here.

off topic i know…but what is the legend of Doug?

My favorite video game of all time is the original legend of zelda for the NES. Well actually the one on SNES was pretty amazing too.

That and duck hunt was cool too.

Chris Im guessing wrote and submitted that article there to boost is SEO rankings. It is a really good idea.

He has a blog on his site, no?

Im not sure… but I do know submitting articles and having multiple blogs is seo gold.

I just don’t know if telling window cleaning customers how great and how much money window cleaning can make is a good idea.

I’m going to steal Larry’s job for a moment.

His name is Kris

See post #2 above. :smiley:


yes it is a good idea, but he should work on optimizing his site, he is still like on page 6 with google,yahoo,msn

I don’t get it.