Improving Squeegee feel

Hey there all,
I use the super system ettore squeegee handle and I wanted to improve the grip. I don’t like the hard plastic so I wrapped a bunch of rubber bands around the handle to increase grip, etc. The rubber bands only last for a couple weeks before they snap.

What do you guys use to increase grip and comfort for your squeegee handles?


I just use the brass handles with no grip…

Tennis racket or bicycle handlebar wrap.

doug, well your one tough guy, but for me, I need some grip-ola! Good call llaczko! tennis or baseball bat grip it is…

I use a rubber grip on my Unger brass (forget where I got it). Ettore makes a foam one that might fit on your super handle.

I get a padded grip that is used on tennis or raquetball rackets. I can wrap 2 handles from one pack. Start at the bottom and when at the top secure w/ balck electrical tape. It is very comfortable.

I don’t use anything for grip for you to throw something to you.
Why don’t try some of the material that is sold to wrap car steering wheel ? Might be very similar to what Tony and Larry suggested.

I use that padded tennis raquet grip wrap too. It’s actually very durable and is such an ergonomic improvement to any handle. I keep a spare pack of it ready for when I might need it.

Put the rubber bands around your hand.


The only drawback to wrapping your handles is if you use the locking tips on your poles. Of course you could just cut out that spot on your handle.