In door pure water cleaning

As a lot of you know Unger came out with a new line of in door pure water accessories. There has been a little bit of confusion on exactly what parts people should actually get.

Indoor Pure Water Cleaning

So we put them all together in this kit here:

Unger Y-Adapter Kit

Hopefully that makes things a bit easier :slight_smile:

It’s a great kit. I plan on using it to make my wfp more versatile this year. Add the MultiLink system and you have the most powerful wfp set up ever.

Tony we didn’t get a chance to get into this Sunday…

You run a hose to your pure water kit for this, right? Does it put out low volumes of water? And it attached to a traditional extension pole?

I have different system that does that Tyler. Mine (Mr SqueegeeLess) will fit on any pole w/out need to adapt it and it comes w/ 30ft of hose attached to the sprayhead. It is a misting head so it uses very little water and is best used w/ a back pack set up. The Unger one is great also. The pads from the Unger will fit the Mr SqueegeeLess.

Chris can we have a link to order just the Aluminum pads too? If it’s there it is hiding

Here ya go - Unger Aluminum Pad Holder

Thanks Chris … fast too

Hey Tony, where did you get the Mr. Squeegee-less and can you still buy them?

Larry we discontinued the Mr Squeegee less - You may want to take a peak at the Unger or the Ettore. They come with a lot better pads and the parts are easier to get. Its also around the same price.

Indoor Pure Water Cleaning