In the market for an iPad?

Ever since the iPad mini came out, i’ve been in love with it. It’s great for media consumption, but great for work too. I do my scheduling on it, using the calendar app synced with my google calendar. I use springpad for notes, tasks, ideas etc. street bidder is absolutely awesome on the mini. i’ve messed with invoice2go to, but have yet to implement it in the field. that may happen next season.

so, i just upgraded to the new version with the retina display. it’s really really sweet. it fixes the only minor weakness the original had, a somewhat mediocre display.

if anyone is considering a tablet for work, i highly recommend either version of the ipad mini. if you don’t mind the price tag, the new one is well worth it. however… if anyone is looking for a nice, slightly used 1st gen ipad mini- i can help you with that!

i would be happy to sell my old one to a fellow wcr’r at a nice price. it’s white, 16gb, wifi only, under warranty till february, and is in 9.5 out of 10 condition. it also has some ::ahem:: unauthorized mods to the software… if you are into that sort of thing.

i would gladly pass it along to someone here for $250 shipped. they are going for anywhere from $260- $300 on ebay. let me know if you are interested.

I have that same ipad basically, and I love it. Good price too. Hopefully someone jumps on it.

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I like the larger regular iPad personally, but am thinking of getting my wife a mini with the retina display. Makes a huge difference. Not a bad price except Friday Wally World is giving a $100 gift card with purchase of a mini…
Invoice2go is great! Once you implement it you’ll fall in love quick, when you get an invoice together all you do is find it use task bar to copy to invoice and then email it out. Super quick and easy :wink:

Jeremiah, Advantage Window Cleaning
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jeremiah, ask yourself this: is risking your life at wal-mart on black friday really worth a $100 gift card?


LOL!!! Good response :slight_smile:

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