Include equipment rental in total price?

We haven’t done a lot of commercial as of yet, so as I’m getting ready to submit an estimate today I want to make sure I’m doing it right. Starting out with just residential, adding tax is a new thing for us. Since we will need to rent equipment to use on this job, should I include that in the total cleaning price and then add the tax on? Or do I list the cleaning price on one line, equipment rental on another and just the tax for the cleaning? I hope this question makes sense :grin: This would be the biggest job we’ve done so I really want to look like I know what I’m doing in all aspects of it! Btw I use quick books for submitting estimates and invoices if that helps.

I’ve never charged tax on labor?? I’m in Michigan tho. But I do include the equipment rental on a separate line in my quick books. If I pay 100$ for a day, I normally charge 200$.

We are in Florida, and for commercial services we need to charge sales tax.