I know this is a wide open question but here goes. What kind of money can a husband and wife team make in the res. business full time? I made $1200 on three jobs last month, each one done in less than six hours each. I make 55k at my current job and just need some input on what we could do in this business the first year. Thanks:D

Obviously it will take some time to build up some repeat business clientele. So if you made 55k working for the man annually then I wouldn’t expect to make that the first year by yourself. Mainly because you will have to spend some money to establish the business in the area you wish to operate in.

Even if you go bare minimum you will still have to spend between 15-30% of what you make the first year to advertise, buy equipment & get insured. That guess could be even more if you decide to explode on the scene with advertising.

I would say your second year if you have aggressively delivered flyers, door hangers and knocked on doors like you are running for office, you could then be in a position to make some good bucks. If you’ve done most of the right things by the end of your 2nd year then your 3rd year should be banner.

Rarely does anyone in any business become profitable in their first year with all the start up costs and lack of being established in the community. As long as you don’t expect to get rich quick and have a solid work ethic, you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Hi Squeegee clean. Why change to window cleaning if you are making that sort of money per hourly?

Money isn’t everything, Mr. Robinson.

And there’s always the expense side of the equation…

But obviously he is already set up in the other job & making money at it. I’d like to know why Squeegee Clean wants to give up his job for window cleaning if it ain’t too personal question? He’s not a hit-man is he :eek:

How far from Sicily to Mallorca?

About an hour by plane :frowning:

when I went full time I made about $30k my first year…I was glad to leave that job I was making more money in but now i make more than that by far…

Good luck!

From my experience and from what others have said on this site

Mild effort P/T= 15-20,000/first year
Average effort F/T= 25-35,000
“Your amazing” effort F/T=35-???

I’m finishing my 1st year on my own as we speak. I have made almost $28,000. However, I do have a night job 3 days a week, so this could have detracted from my efforts. I’ve kept the p/t job just to help out with the first winter( I.E. now)


I don’t have any numbers so far since I’m into my 7th month as owner of the company which I bought in May this year.

My wife is quitting her job to start working with me, while we plan/brainstorm a House cleaning company for her to manage.

I agree with Larry that money isn’t everything, I’d rather do 10K less a year working for myself and knowing that there’s grow in my future.

Commitment + outside time + showing up + doing the work (right) + thank you cards + asking for referrals + commitment = X

X = Whatever YOU want it to be.

Ask yourself this:

How bad do I want X

The rest does not really matter.

It’s a salary, but sometimes it’s too much stress when you are responsible for so many people doing thier jobs. I guess you’d just have to be there!!

You know what it is like working at our own pace and only being responsible for yourself. When you work for a large corp. every aspect of your activities are watched and the salary does come at a large cost. I have 30 people I am responsibe for. I just know when my wife and I do a house, it is hard work but I can make more in a day than I can at my job and enjoy it more.

If I may…

$55k/yr = $1,057/wk = [B]$26.43/hr[/B]

Many window cleaning owner operators earn [B]2-3+ times[/B] that hourly rate. In fact, the vast majority do.

Which means that even if you work half the time or a third of the time that you work currently, you’ll make the same coin as you do now.

Something to think about.

I don’t know, but I would think twice about getting into this business right now. It’s hard to predict what the economic climate will be like when things crank back up again in the spring.

If I were in your shoes, I would take a hard look at other industries before you settle on this one. Especially if you have skills in another area like tech or sales.

What other industries are you looking at Steve? If you think he won’t be able to find windows to clean, that means you won’t either right?
I think right now is a great time to start a window washing service.

You are right, I am not very optimistic about the future. I believe that we are looking down the barrel of economic disaster.

Why do you think it is a great time?

I am optimistic about the future, I believe there will always be people who value cleanliness, and will for one reason or another pay someone to do the cleaning.
Do I have fears? Sure, but listening to them have never served me well.

I understand your thoughts completely!
But I disagree as well. I stepped out full time one month ago, when things were going down like the Titanic, and some things are continuing. I had a decent job making weapons for the military. From there I found a part time job and did window cleaning full time, things seemed to still be bad. Like I said, I stepped out from that part time job one month ago and it was the BEST thing that I did.

If you have drive and desire = money!
plus i surf almost every day now :slight_smile:

I get what you are saying but why is this a great time in your opinion? We have banks failing everywhere, foreclosures and massive layoffs, even by the postal service. What makes this a “great time” to start in this industry?