Increase or Decrease Advertising in 2009?

Will you Increase or Decrease Advertising in 2009?

Not only will I be increasing the advertising this year, I will be defining which form works best for us, what titles, pictures, headlines, and offers. I plan to blitz my area in advertising this year.

In the coming year we all are going to have new problems. I will surely advertise heavy, but more importantly I will optimize my every effort.

What worked 2 years ago will likely need to be adjusted for a wary market that may be a little gun-shy with spending money on a non-essential service. They will need to be talked into it.

Increase for sure here in the UK. Most years there is no real need to advertise much unless you want to take staff on. This year I think will be different. Regular customers feeling the pinch will either cancel or have less cleans per year. There are also so many starting up it is unreal! They have no clue how much to charge, so they get all the price shoppers.
Anyone who does not intelligently advertise will struggle.

I’ll be increasing by being more target oriented. I know the neighborhoods that have disposable income and I’ll be targeting them. Fortunately the University keeps the economy going even in difficult times.

I hate to say it but 2008 my only ads were in the yellow pages. This year I am going to put a few more bucks towards advertising.

I will increase my marketing. I wasn’t planning to go to the IWCA Convention this year until I saw that they will have a seminar on marketing. I’m looking for new ideas

I will not be advertising as usual.

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I am inclined to say that this WCR thread has more marketing education than you’ll find at the IWCA seminar.


P.S. Disclaimer: I’m only going on what others have said…never been myself.

There are some free ideas here, too:

I’m really looking forward to this year due to that fact that I’ve learned what marketing avenues work best in my area. I’ll will be bumping up in some areas that I get the most ROI and I may end up planning something like a re"grand opening" this spring.

Guess who voted on decreasing?

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Kevin as a “student” of marketing branding and so on this forum probably has more marketing info than most marketing forums. Just my perspective. Thanks for being there

Cool. That’s kinda how I feel too.

Valuable real-world advice right here…

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