Incrementally raise prices each year (I beseech you)

Fellas, I did some screen repair for a home in the fancy historic part of town the other day. The owner mentioned she already had a window cleaner for now.

She told me that he has been doing it for years and has always charged $75 in/out, this home probably had 45+ windows or sliders.

She said he stays booked through the whole year (of course he does), and he can’t take on any new clients.

My head was spinning not because he is affecting me, but I feel sad for this guy.

If any long time cleaners see this, please, please realize you are giving up a fortune by not raising your price a fraction every year.

Ok, I just had to rant a moment.


Every now and then I get those who say - “My previous window cleaner charged half that” (or something similar), I ask where he is - “I don’t know, he doesn’t respond to my calls”…or “His phone number doesn’t work”…or, “He went out of business”.
Me? I respond to calls, my phone number works, and I’m still in business.
I’m not the cheapest, nor do I want to be. I charge a fair price for work the homeowner wouldn’t do even if they were inclined to do.


I am similar in my response.

But this lady wasn’t even mentioning his low price to negotiate for a better one or look for someone new. If fact, you could tell she relished that fact that she was kind of scamming this fella that was charging nothing for YEARS.

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I loathe budget cleaners. They give their customers a delusional expectation of window cleaning quotes at best and ruin an area at worst if they have enough slave labor to dominate a particular region. Dude just go work at walmart, I think to myself when things are said along the lines of what this one lady told me recently: “Well when you guys couldn’t come last year, I did hire another guy, very cheap. He did the house for $52, but the quality of you guys is just so much better it’s worth it.”

This was a freaking house, full job, nothing crazy just an average one story with a basement. I do good at not letting anger get to me or anyone get real under my skin for the most part but I near about saw red when I heard this. Not that the lady picked another guy, but that he was stupid and/or desperate enough to charge so low. What is wrong with these people?


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