Ind commercial mid rise

Hi all i am trying to bid on this building it has 364 -3’-6’ windows , i could get a lift or get a bigger pole,think i may try the unger 30’ if i can handle that, it’s about 33 ft to the top i believe… any way what would you bid on this? i don’t have much experience in bidding this big of a building, i would need to give a seprate bid for insides and outside, it’s pretty much the same type of thing on all 4 sides except back is two long rows 1 high and 1 low and 1 at ground of like 52 -4’ panes acrossed it, see if i can post a pic…


Do you have a WFP ? This is a ideal WFP job…Using a lift is over kill ! I would need to see the entire buiding to give you time to do it with a WFP…


No i do want one and prob could get one after getting more jobs like this, but you’d need at least a 30’ one that’s bucks eh,
here is a pic of the back

You can get that wth a ladder all day.