Indoor Unger and DI

How is it possible to get a real pure water clean on indoor glass when using the Unger pads? If the dirt is on the pad, won’t it foul the pure water before it has a chance to clean the glass? Do you spray the pure water on the pad or on the glass?

Guess I must have asked a dumb question. :slight_smile:

I’ve never uses one but I would guess that the dirtier the window the more pads you have to use. I would probably keep changing the pads until it looked clean after scrubbing the window. Seems easier to just put up a ladder.

after hearing about how good the unger indoor system is here on the forum I decided to make my own system.
If you think about it the concept is really simple and you really only need it to reach high windows where instead of using
your ladder you can just pole it. anything within reach you can do traditional.

indoor resi glass is usually not that dirty compared to exterior glass, use this method for high interior windows with a pole.

  1. use a pole with soft bristle brush (I have a 10inch) attached. place a pure water damp microfiber rag over the brush and use the rag to clean dirt off window. the brush acts as a good gripper to hold the rag while cleaning the window. the bristles on the brush also allow flexibility and easy maneuverability to control the rag on the window.

  2. at this point chances are that the dirt is removed from the window and only the water streaks are left.

  3. remove damp rag from pole, put on a dry microfiber rag and clean off the water streaks which at the same time you are drying/polishing and detailing the window. done

  • depending on how big the windows, I usually use one side of a dry rag per window, so one rag will clean two windows.
  • the damp rag goes a long way especially because I am only doing it for high windows and doing traditional on reachable windows.
  • if interior window is really dirty you can just use your mop with the normal solution water to clear the dirt
    then use the damp pure water rag on the pole as a second step, followed with the dry rag to polish as third step.

if you really think about it, you dont need pure water. The idea of spot free windows using normal water is to remove the water before it drys

I have used the Unger Indoor with Zep and I do like it. The idea is not to use traditional indoors due to the water. So I was thinking that using Pure water with the Unger Indoor might work, but was just worried that the Pure water wouldn’t be so pure after the pad gets a little dirty.