Indoor Work

As you all prob. know it rains 24/7 in England, so I am looking to do some indoor work in commercial buildings. How would I go about this and would I be able to use water inside shop windows etc.

Use a bucket on a belt to carry your squeegies and scrubber so they do not drip all over the floors. Carry premixed cleaning solution in a bottle. You can slip it in a pocket of a pouch on your tool belt. Just add a little solution to your scrubber as needed. If you carry the bucket around inside a store and dip your scrubber in and out repeatedly you will probably drip more on the floor. The squeegies also drip if the are not in a BOAB.

Use oversized towels to put below the window when you start - this will catch a lot. I always make a point of putting drop towels down if you’re high poleing. I also put a scrim under the bucket - not that it does anything, but its about impressions. You may also want to carry a warning sign - “danger of slipping”, this looks professional & will back you up if someone has had their brain removed.
If a wall is below the window you will have to practise squeegeeing with your scrubber underneath. Make sure van or truck is lettered & park where it is handy & noticeable to pick up the other accounts in the area.

as you fan, put your scrubber under your squeegee to catch the running water…that’s the only way I do insides. It just adds the water back to your scrubber :slight_smile:

Try doing some malls where shops are on the inside and are not affected by rain.

Try contacting the cleaning contractors. The exterior windows are sometimes controlled by “building maintainance”, but interior partitions, offices and such are a different contract.