Inexpensive WFP setup?

I’ve been avoiding the idea of buying a WFP for sometime now, mainly because they seem so damn expensive. I’m sure they quickly pay for themselves however. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas where I could find a cheap WFP or how hard it would be to make one.

Any thoughts or ideas would be awesome!

Thank you

As far as the pole itself goes, wcr and others sell an adaptor tip that fits onto any Unger pole. You then buy any of the wfp brushes available, some hose and you’re done. It is how I ‘got my feet wet’.
As far as systems go, that is more complicated as you should get advice based upon your location and the local tds level. It could end up being quite reasonable or not so much…
Hope this helps.

I use an Unger Tele-Plus 30ft pole with the adapter, and love it. I have a RHG hogs hair brush. I wish I had the ultra light brush they have in stock now because the Unger pole is quite wippy at 30 feet. At 24 feet the pole is fine. I use a manuel pump backpack sprayer and a DI set up at home to make pure water. My use of the system is limited, 10 minutes to an hour once or twice a week, so it suites me fine. If I got a big account I would take the profits and invest in the real deal.

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I do have a 25ft Tucker pole with No brush, but modified to receive European brush heads and a 1/2cu.ft DI tank (Needs new resin) that I’d like to sell. Looking to get $350+shipping

Thank you DeJay.

Feel free to give me a call monday to discuss any and all options you have in choosing a wfp set up.

How does the DI tank work? There’s resin that purifies the water? I plug a hose into one end and a pole on the other and BAM I’m cleaning? I know these questions probably sound ridiculous, but I’m really in the dark. Any help would be helpful


What kind of set up do have for DI?