Initial pricing?

Hey everyone,

Starting out in the business in a high population I would think there would be tons of work to go around, I’m in Ontario, Canada and between 3 towns within 15 minutes from one end to the other there is probably 12 cleaners.

That being said the odds of strip plazas being taken are pretty high would be my guess, would you recommend going in cheap to under cut the current cleaner to try and win over his plaza ?

I feel like it would be a bit rude but business is business no?

No…let me tell you a story about the guy who “low balls” jobs to get them-- He ends up doing it for nothing after he is established and legal (paying taxes, insurance/license) and loses money on the jobs…and eventually stops showing up. Unless you are going to pocket all profit (cash accounts), no…even if you aren’t, still no. I understand you are looking at starting out, and that is awesome as this is a unique skilled trade…but listen to these guys on here on pricing. You can get an idea on what your competitors are charging, if you are a legit business you will see making anything under 60-100 an hour is going to put you out of business. Why be in business just to make your payroll down the road when your accounts are filled with 5-15 dollar cleaning jobs? If you price low, you will have to do 2-3x (sometimes 4x!!!) as much work to make a days pay and break a profit.

You will see why down the road. Trust me, being the “best price in town” is NOT a compliment…

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you want to start a price war with established businesses!?

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It is hard to find enough work just starting out, persistence pays off.
Diversify the jobs you chase - some storefront, office, commercial, and some residential. Residential will pay the highest per job. Look act and be the part. Even if you charge $15-$50 per storefront it will take a lot of them to be profitable. Residential can be $300 - $1,000 each depending on regular size house to mansion size. This can be a very profitable business, it can also be a paupers nightmare if you don’t have some business sense and make it profitable. Chasing the lowest price will not bring the income this business has to offer.

Hey man, if you want feel free to call me up and ask any questions. I have my AirPods in almost all day so I’m always taking calls.

Find my telephone number and reach out anytime.

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As a business, charge what the job is worth and offer the best service.

Well… no but what would you do if all store fronts were taken? just avoid them or go place a bid ?

I have 100 door hangers coming so I will be canvasing soon, I will be targeting 1 story homes as I do not have a ladder yet and only a 5ft pole. Another aspect is people will not want others in their homes I would imagine right now so with resi doing exterior only may be an option?

Thanks ! Ive followed you on Instagram now. Any questions I will be sure to ask.

This depends on your area and regulations (if any). Many here, SW colorado, don’t seem to take precautions as serious as other places. We have been performing interior work, but under limited circumstances. If someone calls right now to schedule, we explain that we are performing exterior only out of respect for your their health.

Another thought: Don’t feel bad about quoting work for larger (higher) homes if you are confident you can get the equipment in time, and the capitol to do so. We did several quotes, that turned into actual work, by saying “Our schedule for a home like this is…” and pick a timeline you know works. If you just need the tool but know how to use it, don’t limit yourself to only tools you have if you can get it in X days.

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