Input hose size?

I didn’t do too well in physics in high school, and I kinda can’t wrap my head around this, but here is my question:

I am using 1/2 cu ft DI tank for my WFP work, my system works fine. Sometimes when I get to a house that has lower water pressure, it’s harder to rinse as we all know. I am using a washing machine 3ft hose for my spigot-to-DI tank hose because it’s a perfect length and I just wrap it around the tank head when I am done. The washer hoses as I am sure we have all seen is usually 1/2" to 3/8" ID. If I were to use a bigger ID garden hose (for example the Goodyear hose I use for my pressure washer is 5/8" ID I think), would that give me more pressure coming from the DI tank, or is the Xero hose coming from the tank the bottleneck for pressure?

Second question: Will a small pump add more pressure? I would like consistent pressure at every job and wouldn’t mind using a pump, mostly because if I run 300’ of Xero hose, I would be good at every job with great pressure, correct? I usually use 200’ of hose but I have an extra 100’ I can hook up if I need to to save me from moving my tank. I like the Tucker rinse bar but on some jobs I don’t use it because the pressure is so low it barely reaches past the brush.

I wish I had an answer for you, but what I can tell you is what has worked for my setup in the past.

The larger the diameter getting to the tanks is always what has worked for me. The more water getting in there the better. If I needed a pump, the pump was always before the prefilters right from the hose bib (well, from the resevoir tank for the pump really).
All fittings to the tank are 1", so I always used 1" hose and tubing.

From there, MY bottle neck was at the stupid cox hose reel. Why they put half inch hose fittings on them I will never understand. Someone really needs to make a one inch barb or SOMETHING…

so from that point on, it just went to the orange air hose from home depot as my supply line to the poles. I had 550’ on them and ran 2 poles at 45’ or more all day long and never any issues.

That was all by accident because like you, I’m no physics guy either.

That said, all you can do is test and see.

3/8 garden hose to your tank should be perfect. I think 200’ of xero hose could be a problem. Use xero hose just for the length of the pole. I always ran 200’’ of 1/4" to the xero pole hose from my DI tank. Never a problem even at 5 stories.

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I’ll try using a 100’ length of Xero tomorrow since I am cleaning 5 rental cabins that are small with each having their own water supply, so that sounds like a good testing ground for shorter feed hose.