Insane ladder work

This guy is pretty good at ladder work, but still seems super sketchy to me. Also the way he moved the ladder of that size to the next position that quick was pretty impressive.

faster than a water fed pole…

I love that video

I know we’ve all probably done it but when the body goes outside the rails it’s a big no-no. Other than that pretty awesome.

Yeah, i would never slide down the rails like that

Dude is insane! Impressive but unsafe as hell. Not this boy.

Thats an OSHA fine waiting to happen. Not to mention stupid as hell :eek:

That guy is going to leave a residue.

When gravity and stupidity collide, gravity wins.

Perhaps being a professional paramedic for the past 25 years has made me more cognitive to our own mortality. I attended to this patient this past week to a negative outcome.

There is NO reason for taking risks. My career as a medic has been filled with unfortunate and many preventable incidents (I did not say accidents). If this guy in the video was to get hurt or killed it would not be an accident but a calculated dumb-ass incident.

When I respond our trauma helicopter it cost you 7,000.00 to 10,000.00 for the flight alone. That equals a lot of windows. a trauma fall can easily add up to 200,000.00 dollars or more.


When this was posted on the UK forums - it was all health & safety this & health & safety that. Looking back in 3 or 4 years he will probably say “yeah, that was stupid” - if he’s still alive. We all did this sort of thing when we were younger.
Here’s another one: -

// window cleaning - YouTube

Good one Karl. Gives new meaning to a Crazy Ivan huh?

i used to be stupid on ladders, and ledges, fearless is the word, but i have a son now, and maturity has kicked in, its just not worth it. If i had either one of those guys working for me and I saw them act like that…id kick the ladder out to teach them a lesson lol (i wish) no they’d be fired on the spot!

you got that right.

Sliding down the ladders was a bit showoffy but other than that, thats how its done. Thats how you move ladders.

Just watch the second video. Stupid kids for sure. If the boss was on the scene I bet he would be reprimanded on the spot I would think.

Borrowed and adapted from my moutaineering and rock climbing experiences: “Their are old climbers and bold climbers, but there are no old and bold climbers.” This is exactly why I bout a wfp. This guy might be faster than a wfp, but only until the first fall.


WFP is still faster :slight_smile:

That first move is the Firemans slide. I have never done it but seen it done with stacks and denver sectionals, works better with those ladders.

I had a lady tell me she had a guy do that on the inside of her entry way. :eek: She said she kicked him out of the house after she saw him do it.

That’s just insane. I would never, but hey to each his own. I look at ladder work just as I did when I rode motorcycles. There are two types, those who are going down and those who went down. I made the 2nd part twice and that’s why I don’t ride anymore lol.
This guy is not as fast as a WFP. Don’t get me wrong, he is fast. But it looked like he missed the lower sections of that column. The parts he was able to reach were not cleaned at all. Flashing a rag across a sill is not cleaning it. That whole video is roughly 2 minutes. It would take more to clean those panes with a WFP, but the end result would be a clean window and that’s the point.

Juggernaut, thats a pessimistic comment

those who are going down and those who went down

:stuck_out_tongue: You wfp guys are taking all the fun out of window cleaning.

To each his own… right.

Every job has its inherit risks and we all try to minimize those risks. Through experience and from words of others. This has been a great topic. I’m getting a picture that ladders are not favored tool among you guys.

I’ve always wanted to lean how to do the fireman’s slide. Come on you guy’s , you do too!

i love using ladders

I reached down below my ladder to get a window the other day… My ladder(with a stabilizer at both the top and the bottom) slid about 10 inches. Scared the crap out of me. I will never do that again! I say take the time to do a great yet safe job and then charge for it.

p.s. I am very close to getting a WFP myself. I already have a rigged RO tank and hoses. Just need that carbon fiber pole… And also that one account that makes the purchase justified.

That was me 20 years ago except for the slide. Sliding down a wooden ladder is a 6" splinter waiting to happen. Thankfully Ive never fallen from a ladder. I can still pick up a fully extended 32’ but the gymnastics are a thing of the past now.