Inside only ladder

Do you guys have a ladder that you have designated for interior use only? I can imagine that some customers dont want you bringing a grungy ladder in their house. Or if it’s a rainy day and you yank the ladder off the top of your truck. How do you get around this? Obviously drop clothes and wiping the ladder down is an option. Looking for other answers.

As a carpet cleaner I have a set of “indoor hoses” that never get dragged around outside. I carry the indoor hoses in and then drag the outdoor hoses to the door. A very surprising amount of customers notice this and some others ask about it.

Inside step ladder for sure. We once found a sharp piece of gravel stuck in one of the rubber feet of our small stepladder, and luckily found it before we got to the hardwood floors. We have at least one ladder that is now soley used for interiors.

What type of ladder do you use for interior?
I was thinking about getting some sectionals strictly for interior

A 3 step stepladder, and we use our 20ft extension inside fairly often. We rarely us it on exteriors anymore. I would like to dedicate a werner mt, but they get used all over the place.

I only use one ladder and a stepstool. What I do is inspect the feet before I even think of bringing it inside and give the whole thing a nice hit with with the WFP if its dirty at all. My ladder is always on top of my truck, so even if I had an inside only ladder it would still get grimey.

I routinely check the feet, clean and use the same ladders in/out.

I wish I could justify the cost of an inside ladder. I clean mine frequently, brush or scrape off the feet and steps.

I always used to have an inside ladder when I worked alone or with the crew everyday… Unfortunately thats kinda gone away. I do think its a good idea though…

I have inside-only 2’ step and Little Gient 17’ multi-purpose ladders.

Here’s the thing… yes, we do.

BUT, for some reason they [B]still[/B] ended up being used outside on occasion.
I honestly just cleaned the $h!t out of them with aluminum cleaner, this past weekend.[INDENT]
“try, try again…” :o[/INDENT]

I use an xtend & climb ladder, it has been my best purchase to date.
It was around $200 on amazon but it is awesome. It extends to 14ft and weighs 35 bls
It is expensive but for skylights and other hard to reach areas it pays for itself in saving time in no time

I just use a wire brush for feet and treads, and use painters blue tape on feet of my step ladders when we take them inside.

Doesn’t the painters tape make it slippery?

We only use it for step ladders, so slippery doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t consider it on an extension ladder! That’s sounds like a quick way to earn a busted skull…

I definately think i’m going with sectionals. And making a bag for them, like a snowboard bag