Installing Bird Spike

Anyone installing bird spike?

We typically use Bird X plastic with stainless spike or Nixalite all stainless version.

Has been our only add on service that we do occasionally with great pay.

I believe @IronLionZion does.

Gotta love the Bird spike installs. Definitely keep my eyes open for the opportunity. Talk about easy money and happy customers… Seem to do a couple a year…

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Seem like an idea. Anyone have a link to their favorite source?

I bet PETA sends you love letters?!!

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Pigeons Earned The Assault? Sorry


I actually had PETA come to a site few years ago the main office contacted me with a follow-up they soon understood it’s a bird deterrent and does not harm them but they were all over it


It’s a great add-on. Fits right into the window cleaning business…

Only one review of 3 stars but I assure you. They work. All you need to do is brush clean the area and attach with PowerGrab via caulking gun. Easy peasy

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Wow.An ex of mine worked as an intern while travelling the states.She once informed a colleague that she was going to see a film with an elephant and that guy from twilight in it.Word obviously got to higher ups and she was told if she went that she would be fired on the spot.No messing with those guys for sure.

Basically it’s 2 bucks a foot, for the spikes at 100 feet, plus power grab. One tube will adhear probably 50feet… Been charging 100 per hour to install.


These birds don’t give a flock about spikes! :rofl: