Insurance Confusion - CCC

I’m trying to figure out if I’m actually fine!! I talked with a over the phone agent and she triple confirmed my exact scenario of me window cleaner scratches a window and freaks out and falls off ladder and causes the ladder sto smash a different window… are both covered if I’m under the total price…

She said yes… and emailed me this

She said as long as I don’t take the windows out and take them home and clean them on property I own rent or lease. That would be covered by my home owners insurance and they may not even cover it.

So I’m pretty sure I have CCC for scratching windows?

I think an endorsement is not the same thing as CCC. The endorsement will cover you up to 5,000 but if you do a ccu on a large commercial building and get accused of scratching glass, that 5k is just a drop in the bucket.

Here’s the link to the scenarios that Acuity gave me. The basic run down is that if you break a window, you’re covered, but if you scratch a mansion full of windows you’re not (the endorsement only covers up to 5k).

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Yeah I love and have re read that post hundreds of time that’s what freaks me out. But she said there is not other CCC available .

The best thing you can do is get a scratch waiver written up. Maybe have a lawyer look at it in trade for cleaning their house. Then every big job you do, make sure it’s signed with the understanding that scratches, EVEN IF YOU CAUSE THEM, are not your responsibility. That’s assuming you know what causes scratches and have taken all possible care. If you use a fresh razor and you take all care and the glass still scratches, then it’s just crappy glass and not your problem.

Trust me, it’s better to walk away from that $10,000 job than to have to deal with replacing $250,000 of Old Castle garbage.

My waiver reads:

The Client and [THE COMPANY]acknowledge that there are widespread problems with poor quality
glass scratching during construction and window cleaning, [THE COMPANY]will not be liable for any
scratches on any tempered glass.

It is accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used razor blades are standard tools
and techniques for window cleaning and can safely remove limited amounts of debris (plaster,
paint, texture, tape, stickers, etc.) from quality glass, without scratching the glass surface.

Furthermore, it is accepted, the use of razor blades will be employed on all window cleaning
and no other cleaning method will be offered by [THE COMPANY]to remove debris from any glass

For new construction, if Builder/Owner does not choose to have window cleaner use razor
blades, Builder/Owner must cover all glass during entire construction process, which would
protect glass from any construction debris and eliminate the need for [THE COMPANY]to use razor
blades and scrapers to clean the glass.

The Builder/Owner hereby releases [THE COMPANY]for any liability associated with scratches on glass
and agrees to indemnify [THE COMPANY]for any claims made associated with scratched glass.

But before you decide to just use my waiver, you’d better get a lawyer to look at it for loopholes in your state. And specifically ask whether you’re covered even if you scratch the glass.

Now, are you perfectly covered? Nope. But it just puts another layer between you and a lawsuit. Maybe the insurance will cover everything, maybe not. Just put the waiver between you and having to find out.


Agreed. And thankfully I already have a waiver included and my law-school friend (no bar license yet) has confirmed I’m okay for now but things change yearly at least lol.

I just wanted to make sure I had the right CCC because I’m not convinced I do, for the same reason you pointed out, that is only $5k protection. I want more like $200k-500k

Thanks for your help and info none the less.

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If you do anything close to this, or think you might - get another line of work. This business might not be for you.
Personally, I think ccc is overkill for the average window cleaner, esp a solo guy. If you are doing major construction cleanups or large commercial jobs that require it, sure get it.

Myself, I need the insurance to cover the Maserati I smack with the ladder or the baby grand that I damage.

Even a broken window, you shouldn’t claim. Just repair and move in.

Just my personal thoughts.


I absolutely agree. It’s overkill for the most part. Just educate yourself, take care, and do the best job you can.

And if you see Old Castle at a ccu, then just walk away.

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Good old, Old Castle. They are one of 2 suppliers my last glass place used and no word of a lie, in 1 year, we had 365 re-cuts. They can be a mess and a lot of glass was scratched from factory. And so many errors. They have improved though. GlassTek is the way to go!

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I don’t know where you’re located but you don’t have enough coverage regardless. There’s an endorsement for scratched glass you can get. I forget the name.of it exactly but it’s something like “negligent damage something or another” or something like that, any insurance agent should know. It’s fairly cheap to have and what it does is cover you if you accidentally damage something while performing the work regardless of if you were negligent or not in cleaning the surface. Highly recommend.

See conflicting answers across the board and none of you are even on the same relevant plane of existence.

CCC IS what covers your for he scratches, not some other random named endorsement , and secondly I have the most they offer and I’m at 2mil CGL… so I’m going to go ahead and say I’m good to go, continue the same path I’m with my insurance and not causing any damage. I have the agent who told me I was covered for scratches on voice recording some of needs be I can use that against them…

But again as far as what I have read through these forums there is not 2nd protection for poor craftsmanship due to neglect…

Anyone else want to have another corner to this octagon??

As always keep up the great work and be safe out there my fellow cleaners!!

weren’t you the one who said you never scratched any glass using a razor?

Yes, I was the one who said I haven’t scratched tempered glass. The only time I have is when we remove old silicone from a shower panel and we aren’t worried about the scratches because they get hidden(and I can be more aggressive which will cause scratches).

But the 365 re cuts are from Old Castle’s factory. I’m talking about 365 pieces sent back when they arrived to the shop damaged. They had factory scratches everywhere and major warping.

We also just use standard 1 inch(approx) blades. So it’s constant even pressure and we only use it for removing duct tape or fresh silicone but it doesn’t scratch when doing those applications. And we always use new blades. We go through them like crazy.

As for window cleaning - I haven’t had enough tempered panes to damage them - yet :confused:

Not exactly on topic but in some states you need a contractors licence to do ccu. California for example.

Only if they are hiring you on as a contractor. I get paid to go donthebcleanin as a owner. I won’t let companies hire me on as a contractor…

Either way here in Oregon we are good to go on that part for what I do.

Those in charge won’t agree with that. Even if youre cleaning resisences with no contract your technically a contractor. Here’s a good thread.

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Thank goodness I don’t have employees. Thanks though I read that a while ago.

At the end of the day if you do non approved cleaning methods on a particular pane of glass that insurance company would not pay (this means blades on tempted glass, PERIOD). They make the assumption that you as a professional in your field are following the latest care instructions for the surface. The matter of fact is 75% of window cleaners still think that these don’t apply to them because of experience or the debris on the glass they encounter.
It does apply to us.
There is always another way, one you charge 10x more because you have to use white/melamine pads and steel wool with chemicals that break down the bonds of each particular form of debris and tell the builders the solution is cover the windows before trades come make a mess and sell that service.

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I think the main confusion here is. I don’t get hired by a construction company to clean windows. They never seem to like my high prices lol (charging of 10x more) I just so post construction clean up for regular customers after a dramatic remodel or new construction where customer wanted to hire out themselves.

I have yet to scratch a single window, I have everyone sign a waiver… I just want to ensure I have all the insurance you guys are always shoving down my and even the newer guys throats.

In the end I just want to help people see a cleaner and clearer view on life!

Thanks for all the info. Get clean and be safe out there my fellow window cleaners!

Oh and I agree. I am always having arguments with construction people about covering up the windows.

As mentioned before my night job is working at a hardware store. I used to work 60+ hours there. I help so many customers and businesses such as landscapers, contractor, city state and business maintenance workers… painters and dry wallers… the conversation always ends the same. They want the easiest laziest cost effective way they can make it work and not let it show… people that sell their home and chose the shitty item for $10 less even though the more expensive one would last and look 20x better…

Thanks again

Get clean and stay safe out there my fellow window cleaners .