Insurance in Canada

Hey there,
who do you have insurance with?

My provider is State Farm, but they just changed things up and I do not want to go back to them this year! So who are you with?
ps. they changed my policy to state that I can not clean windows unless I do other cleaning for the customer as well!

General Liability & Bonding.

Royal & Sun Alliance

Paying $1000 per year. 2mil coverage.

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I’m Royal Sun & Alliance too

Economical, which seems to not live up to its name, looking at the prices you guys pay.

Don’t forget that premiums are partially based on earnings. When I signed up last Feb, I had only been in business full time for about 6 months. Your earnings would/should be well above mine considering how long you’ve been in business. :wink:

You’d think…

I just checked mine, it’s just under $1000 for the year with Economical. been with them for about 10 years.