Interesting Concept on Flat Rate Pricing

This video got my gears turning. The purpose of me posting this is not to promote the purchase of this business system, but that you may see how the concept may work for you. I personally see tons of potential.

Let me know if you are already implementing Flat rate pricing and how it’s working for you. What you include in your service.

What is The New Flat Rate? - YouTube

It is hard to flat rate price anything in this business as there are so many variables. I think the more important part of that video is how do we capture the “lost opportunities”. I know this is my downfall…I lack in the cross sell department.

I understand completely about the variables. Your right. It would be too profit damaging to have one flat rate as a cover all. I was wondering if this concept may work on a targeted townships or neighborhoods with a Flat Rate for that specific area. (direct mail) Considering a free gutter inspection, and window screen cleaning when they have their interior/exterior windows cleaned. Or other ideas??? The free gutter inspection could lead to a gutter job. I will keep these expenses in mind as I price the specific neighborhoods, attempting to make it profitable for me and a (real) value to them. Kinda scared to try this…