Interior Cleaning on Hotel?

So I quoted two hotels for a total of 2k to do interior and exterior cleaning. essentially 500 for the exterior and 500 for the interior on each. I then proceeded to not get them put on the schedule because I am not clear on the process of getting the interiors cleaned, and therefor not sure how to schedule it time wise. I am a one man show with the exception of my brother who I have till the end of July and can utilize as my interior man if required, but I was wondering if anybody has experience in this area. I feel I should have never agreed to do the interior windows, but assuming that they don’t drop me and I do the cleanign, how do I try and make this work? Thanks in advance.


So…you bid it but don’t know how to do it?

Yup !!
And being that you agreed. Give them a stipulation. Either have all rooms open and ready for me or I can’t do the job. So that will get you out of it.

Are there screens on the outside ?

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Just do exterior on hotels. And every thing else too

Haha! If I were lucky enough to live in an area where I could get enough exterior only business I would, but unfortunately I do not, and I’d lose every job to other window cleaners and go out of business. ;D I charge enough that it is worth it for me.

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yeah, I basically bid it as I would an office building and then afterward realized that there was going to be a big technical issue here, lol

Yeah, they are responsible for having those removed.

I would offer 2 dates for internal cleaning, where if any rooms can not be accessed on those dates. then those windows will be deemed inaccessible for this clean, perhaps they can schedule those rooms missed for the next cleaning schedule to be empty.
What will normally happen with a hotel, is they will treat you like housekeeping, give you a list of rooms you can go into, if this is the case expect to be doing a lot of coming and going, spending a few hours per day cleaning available rooms.

Yeah they’ll just give you a master key and just knock before going in.

However, be sure to add a $2 (or more) door charge. Outside the windows just go bam bam bam. Inside it’s knock open bam close. That’s extra time and should be extra money.

The maids get about 4 hours in the middle of the day. From 10 to 2. Or 11 to 3. I just wrote down the room numbers and did the rooms that were unoccupied during that time or were not rented yet. Write down all room numbers and keep track. Come back three days during the off part of the week. You will make money.