Interior floor dry


I think i have said before that i have a prefrence for outdoor woork(exterior).

Lately though , as i have got more into storefront cleaning, i am getting alot of requests to carry out interior work.

How do you guys protect interior storefront flooring from getting wet?

Do you put a dust sheet of some sort down,

or do you wipe the floor down with your tbar and sleeve(i saw a local w/c’r do that here on tiles and it still leaves floor wet but just evenly wet and prevents puddles though i dont think its the best option)

looking forward to some feedback.


Keep your strip washer just wet enough to do the job but not dripping. Hold it under your squeegee as you do the window. And finally use a spare huck or better yet scrim to clean up any drips that get away from you.

I have always used large bath towels, the older the better, more absorbent. Throw one down and use your pole as a mop handle to move towel around. Works pretty well on tile,stained concrete, wood, and other hard flat surfaces.

That is what I do. I also cut it down the middle length wise so I have two towels and I can have one drying on the truck while the other is getting wet. plus they are lighter to carry that way.

i use a big terry cloth towel, aka, a beach towel

Mostly just use a terry towel (small) and wipe up any spots of water.

For some jobs tho I use a bath towel. Like when there are obstacles (displays) close to the window and you have to pole around them. I’ll fling a bath towel in between resting on the sill to catch up all the water, then just pull the towel out after and you should be done.

I only use clean, white cotton/terry towels, typically in the 2’ X 4’ size.

That’s my choice as well.


Take the strip washer (mop) off the T-Bar and wring it out good.
Replace on the Tbar.

dip no more then 3" of one end into the bucket and turn the mop over end-for-end and replace into you BOAB. Now the water will run down the mop and spread out better. Do this just before every other window or as needed. Do so right after you apply to the last window but before you grab your squeegee.

This method will reduce the amount of water used…

Toss a chamois onto the floor below the window. Wring the chamois out as needed into your bucket.

Try this method. Everyone should try this method. I carry WAY less towels now.

Liking it.

I love this method. It is hard to describe…there is a cycle…but once you get it…

lemme know how it turns out 4u

hi guys, i agree with a deeper clean. i use a similar method for the interior of my jobs. i like the unger monsoon sleeve cause it holds a lot of water without splashing it everwhere. Also i dip the end of the sleeve in a couple inches (depending on the amount of water you need). As far as cleanup - just your regular towels and pole work fine. But i wouldn’t want to use your strip washer, that just makes your water dirtier.