Interior Window Cleaning

Hey All,

Question… Has anyone here ever used or seen used a steam cleaner to clean interior windows, or exterior for that matter. The steamer below comes with a window squeegee & extractor. I figure we now have WFPs to make cleaning exterior windows easier, we need something to make interior wc easier. I would like to get some thoughts on it. It cost $995. and I don’t want to put that much out to find out it doesn’t get the job done easier or faster. It pretty much works on everything so if you wanted an add-on service, it also steam cleans window treatments, cleans tile & grout, etc.

Any input is welcome.

I would be afraid that the heat would damage some window coatings.

Don’t bother - they don’t work.

Ye i would think that by the time you took that thing out of your truck, set it all up, and familiarised yourself with it and got it all organised you could have half of the windows done.

Karlos is right they don’t work for what we do. I tried one once because I thought it would detail tracks quick. The thing ran out of steam in 8 minutes and then it took 5 minutes to get the next batch ready. granted it was a smaller version but I still think you’re going to be disappointed if you buy.

That’s exactly the experience I had. The window attachment was laughable although I bought it for bathroom tiles. I’d still say it would probably clean up the place for asthmatics etc, for those that have sensitivity issues. But they don’t do the job that’a promised on the tin.

I did a search on you tube and found some videos for you there are a lot on there if you want to look around.

I love the first video. The lady tells us how it took her 30 minutes to clean one window inside and out using traditional methods. (vinegar and water, shammy, newspaper) Okay… Next she tells us that with the steamer she can blow throw cleaning one window inside and out in an astonishing 10 minutes! Hey maybe I should do a video review on one of these. LOL

I think if it was designed more specifically for the window cleaning industry it would be useful. The one I pointed out in my original post is ready in 3 minutes and water can be added while still in use, so there is no running out and having to refill and wait to heat up again. The window would still have to be detailed around the edges & sills just as we do now. I definitely wouldn’t use it on tinted windows.

I remember being very skeptical about the WFP. Now I have one and swear by it. Use it 95% of the time.

I think it is on the right path for professional window cleaning use. It may be something worth looking into. Especially a better designed window cleaning attachment.

Might be good to remove lettering from stickers and such. After Xmas window cleaning, store graphics removal etc.

I’m no engineer but I’m sure some of you guys who tinker with WFP systems could rig something up that runs the water through a boiler to create the steam. If someone came up with one that worked inside, man that would just be killer.

There are number of DIY’ers making their own heated wfp systems over in the UK, mainly using on demand water heaters. They already do the steam squeegee attachment - but not at height.