Intro letter for commercial

Hi there

First time in February asking for help :slight_smile:

Residential is really slow right now, and I want to start chasing a few commercial accounts in the area, event if I can’t get them right now, I can keep hitting the with marketing until they bite.

I bought a nice laser color printer today in order to present a more professional material, but I’m kinda confused on how to put together a intro letter.

So, actually what I’m asking is help/ideas/do’s & dont’s to crate a nice piece that will make them call, or in the worst case, remember me.

If you want to share or contribute, this thread will be helpful for a lot of people.

Thanks a lot in advance

Here is some good stuff. I will find more in the am… Oh it is the am. Beer?


In my area anyway letters and flyers into commercial has not worked real well. What you may consider doing is if you have the extra time go see them face to face. We have an outside salesperson and not one piece of advertising even comes close to his results.

One thing that has been effective is to send a letter to a business introducing yourself and letting them know that you will be dropping in on them. At leats they have seen and herad your name once already.

Go to the library and find the business section. Look up marketing how to books. They will be full of ideas on how to put together brochures, flyers, and letters of introduction. Then go thru the Yellow Pages and make up a mailing list of the customers you want to target. That’s what I’m doing right now! winter is a good time to do this sort of stuff. Go get em!

scook71 : That takes me to a non valid page.

Matt Johnson: I’m doing that with online articles, but just wanted a specific Window Cleaning approach based on previous experiences.

Mike : That’s exactly the idea, let them see my name before I show up, so it doesn’t look like a “cold” visit.


Here is something that was posted recently here on WCR. I have since pulled the “ole switcheroo” and made one very similar to send to my prospects. Check it out.

I also recommend buying a book called PERFECT PHRASES for the SALES CALL, by William T Brooks. This book has lots of great thoughts regarding cold calls.

As well, I also recommend finding a book called How to Win Customers and Keep Them For Life It is by a man named Michael Lebouf.

Both are great idea creators for cold and warm calling.

Thanks for the links Bert, will check those ASAP

Have you had a chance to look at the books, Carlos?

To be honest with you the only thing that I’ve finished this year was Kevin’s book.
I started reading Duct Tape marketing, not finished yet, and the E-myth revisited with only a few pages read so far.

I don’t have time for it sometimes, I spend a lot of time on the computer, where I do a lot of reading, but a book takes dedication and time.

How’s everything over there?