Introducing WashCycle, the bicycle based window cleaning company

Hey everyone, I’m Nick and I started WashCycle LLC a few months ago. I figured since I’ve gained so much insight and inspiration from you guys and gals, I would finally introduce myself.

WashCycle is a bicycle based window cleaning company based in Portland, Oregon specializing in the storefront, restaurant and single story residential (no ladders) markets. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using non-toxic, biodegradable, fragrance and dye free soaps and by cutting out all carbon emissions from our commutes. This saves us a ton of money on fuel, car insurance, vehicle maintenance, registration fees, emission testing, and licensing fees and even health care in the long term.

From what I’ve seen in the storefront market here in Portland, there is ample room for a professional looking and acting WC company here since most of the competition are casually dressed cleaners doing it for the extra cash.

We’ve been steadily growing since we officially launched a few weeks ago and have a few monthly accounts and a couple residential jobs on schedule already. I’m excited to see what is in store for us this year and I can’t thank you all enough for all the help you’ve given me so far.

We recently launched our website at and I would love any feedback or recommendations you have.

Best wishes,
Nick E.
WashCycle LLC

P.s. Anyone else in the Portland area here?


Welcome to the forum Nick. Great concept!

simple things i would change on your site would be…

  • Use Pictures of “your” work, not high rise pictures.

People love to see the local accounts that you are doing, it helps creates connection to you and the area.

Hope that simple thing helps. Im sure more folks will chime in!

Be safe out there, wear a helmet! :wink:

Very cool!

My recommendation is to get more pictures of YOU on the bike and put them on the landing page.

Great concept!

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Perfect for Portland.

In Detroit, diesel fuel is a required ingredient in all cleaning products. City regs and such. But I like the idea.


Thats funny you beat me to it, editing takes to long :wink:

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Luckily I have an appointment with a friend who has a fancy camera later this week to get some good shots of my setup and of me hard at work! Thanks for your input :camera: :smile:


Your text from your post would sound really good on your About page on your site. This is absolutely weird enough to make work in Portland. Just try your best to keep a tight route cause it’s gonna be frustrating running jobs from SW to SE and then up to NE all in a day. And that ride up over Tillicum Crossing or the sketchy crossing over the Sellwood Bridge can’t be a picnic.
Keep an eye out for piscene windows cleaners there. They along with some other cut rate companies have driven storefront pricing to ridiculously low levels. You’d look good cruising down Hawthorne and 23rd though. I’d think some of the flat nicer neighborhoods like Sellwood and Hawthorne would be good to pick up some 1-story residential work. You’d definitely get talked about, maybe even a cameo on Portlandia.

There’s a guy down in the Eugene area that set up a bike for his tight storefront route. Not sure if he’s on here. @JimOrdway or @BeckonCall. Might be a good idea to reach out to him if you want to see how he makes his bike setup work.

Hey there @Wash_Cycle welcome aboard the WCR!

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Angela WCR

I have seen the same in the downtown core of my city a guy on a bike, small trailer, pole, bucket, water dispensing jug, tool box, taillight and even christmas lights (was december). The weather was very bad and I was quite amazed. I should have stopped and said hi!

Love the idea and the logo. You should position yourself as premium professional green friendly service and charge a higher price than your competitors! Put sticker on windows with logo and “people powered window cleaning” message, list them on your website to show the world they are extremely green friendly, donate to green friendly charity. Get a local news station or paper to interview you for free advertising. Could eventually get a van and employees and drop employees and bike setup off in area to do their 5 hour day or so and then pick them up.


Welcome to the forum. I am based on a bicycle also, in LA. Thank heavens for the Little Giant 17’ ladder!

Love the logo

Do you not use a truck or van at all. I like the idea but the market for storefronts are the toughest and I feel like ou’d be missing out on alot of commercial, and residential by not being able to travel there.

I’ve been wanting to start the same thing in my town! Do you use a trailer on your bike to carry your gear. @ericlvincent - same question to you.

Here’s a link to a thread that @Wash_Cycle posted a pic of their bike trailer.

Hope it helps, it’s a pretty cool idea! :slight_smile:

Got the ladder on a Burley Travoy trailer, and made two panniers for the front forks, out of trash cans and metal parts, to carry everything else.

I’ll put up a pic soon.


Im looking forward to seeing your bike setup!

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You will go broke because you can not wash as many properties in one day as you could if you had a vehicle to get to each job quickly.

Plus you do not mention all the evil oil based products used for the creation and manufacturing of a bicycle such as tires, tubes, frames, gears, cables, seat material, etc… And the electricity used to keep those manufacturing plants in business, OMG, if you’re gonna push “green” and “environmentally friendly”, you’d better start walking. And dont forget your shoes are made with rubber products (oil based) so you better start making all your clothing from hemp. But there are animals that eat hemp so you will be infringing on their environment, I cant believe what an evil, inconsiderate, self centered person you are because you take food out of the mouths of animals, just plain mean…


Only in Portland!

Many ways to leverage yourself with your angle. Hope it is a smashing hit man.


Hows things shaping up for you…@Wash_Cycle

Not even sure how I missed this one… But…

Your concept is solid man… There may be a couple fo pain points on your delivery… but you have a solid solid foundation for greatness with your concept.

Just one dudes opinion.