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Ha,fellow window cleaners, Tom Stauffer hear owner/operator of SqueegieCleanWindows LLC out of Baden Pa, Which is located just north east of the home of the SuperBowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers. Most of my work is highrise in and the surrrounding Pitts, area. I also do a lot of construction clean up (windows only) its been a Blessed Year praying for same in 09. Found this site on the window cleaning net site, hopeing to give and recive some positive feedback. I have been self employeed for about 5 years and worked in the highrise bus with union outfit for additional 13 years so I do have some experance! Thanks in advance for any and all help.


well hey welcome to wcr. i’m sure you’ll love it here…i’ve learned lots!

Howdy Tom,
This site ROCKS. Welcome aboard.



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welcome to the team!

Welcome Tom, your going to like WCR it’s the best site out there

Hi Tom :slight_smile:

Welcome Tom!
Ask away.

Welcome Tom!

Welcome aboard !

Hay just found this , sorry if I didn’t get back sooner thanks for the welcomes.