Courtesy of Perry Blonder

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I like using the invoices in quickbooks.

Quickbooks is great at keeping track of your business.

Is that what you use to keep track of your customers Mike? What do you use for your scheduling?

I use George.

Chris, are you looking at separating your scheduling and financial programs? If so, I know of a program that is designed for Macs and might be worth looking into.

Hey Steve

I was actually just curious. Service CEO is grossly inadequate when it comes to financial data. So we use Q Books Pro. Alex and I really the only ones who use macs in the office. I am curious though what do you use and or recommend?

I’ll have to find out what it is. I use Service CEO and Qbooks integration. When I was in business as a corporate consultant with my cousin he was a total MAC guy. After I left the company, he found a contact management program specifically written for the MAC, based on David Allen’s productivity principles. They customized the program for his business. He says it’s the best, and he is basically a productivity expert. I will e-mail him and get the name for you.