IPC Eagle Screen Washer II unboxing

Assembly took less than five minutes.

In your opinion do you think this will cut your time down by using this compared to using SCREEN MAGIC ?
If you did use screen magic did you see any kind of transferring of screen magic to the glass when you went back to service your customer a few months down the road ? And if you did use screen magic did you notice the screens would hold everything and take longer to clean up before you did use the S,M ?
I am seriously considering buying one of those IPC units due to me having to scrub the screens and its taking me longer to finish a home from the use of S.M

yes because screen magic doesn’t work

Garbage in my opinion. I haven’t used it in three years and the screens I did are still slippery and the windows are all hydrophobic and collect dirt like crazy. I’ve got about 3 gallons just sitting around.

Send it my way!

Shouldn’t you be changing diapers :wink:

Lol, she’s been sleeping for the past two hours!

I don’t use Screen Magic. I scrub screens with Tide With Bleach Alternative. Then, I rinse. This machine cleans just as well without any detergent. And, the rinsing occurs at the same time as the cleaning, so this will definitely save me time.

The screen magic will not work in liu of regular diaper changing. Too Bad.

We go through drought periods and water use is scrutinized fairly heavily at times. Doesn’t the Eagle Screen Washer use a lot of water opposed to scrub and rinse?

It might use a fair amount of water, not sure don’t have one yet, but it has the foot activated on-off switch. You could probably get real good at using just enough to clean and shut it off between each screen.

Yes, just looked at a video demo of the Eagle II. Looks a lot less bulky (takes less room to store) and the foot control is killer.

I can’t quantify it for you, but I strongly believe it uses LESS water than scrub and rinse, especially with that foot controlled valve. For my old method, I first had to make about 4 gallons of cleaning solution to clean screens. Then there was rinse water after the scrub. Now scrub and rinse happen simultaneously (no solution to make saves 4 gallons), and the water isn’t flowing when I’m not using it because I can instantly and easily shut it off.

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Seems to make sense John. I can see the benefits for this as far as that goes, but some of the screens I run into have heavy dirt and mold/algae on them. Those would probably still need some hand cleaning before final run through the Eagle II.

Or a soap injector? Hint, Hint, IPC :wink:

You can add the unger soap injector

Yeah, but that requires [I]thinking[/I]! :wink:

Good point, btw.

Does the IPC II have a water pressure requirement? I ask because I’d like to know if I could use my Surflo backpack pump as a source when I have no access to water.

I don’t believe that would be enough pressure.