IPC HighRise

To all you high rise guys out there. Personally I love the IPC products we have so far (IPC Hydro Cart) and have been interested in the IPC HighRise System for a while now. Anyone out there have it or have any experience with it? I would love some feedback on it to see if it is a good fit for us and worth the $$$$. Thanks in advance!!!

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They are pretty awesome in the right situations, I have only played with one in a demo environment. Its pretty impressive.

I know there is a Tulsa company that uses one. I believe he is on this forum, too. Don’t recall the name.

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Thanks guys!

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I have worked beside the IPC machines. Feel free to call.

Just got a Hydrostation. Been sitting in the garage for a month partially because they sent it to me incomplete. Been an interesting buying experience to say the least. I am getting an eclosed trailer for it tomorrow so I hope to try it out this week. STOKED!