Ipod touch trade

I need a ipod touch

I have a newer xbox 360 with a controller and a couple of games. I also have a newer ipod nano.

Anybody with an ipod touch care to trade? Your ipod touch for my xbox 360 and ipod nano.

I’ll think about it.

Thats weird Ok …

I wish i had an ipod touch right now. That is one hell of a trade!

Don’t you love it when you work down the hall from someone and they email you a response or a question? :slight_smile:

Yea its amazing, actually we were on separate buildings today… But its usually the norm. I walked over to the warehouse on lunch and Alex declined the trade so it is still open.

I can actually also through in 3 blackberry curves that may or may not be working.

IPAD sounds like someone from Massachusetts trying to say ipod hehe

Call me Chris, I’ll probably do it but I have a couple of questions though.

i’ll give you 6 bb curves that may or may not work for all of your offered equipment, i just don’t have the touch :slight_smile:

Dude, that was wicked pis sah.

Oh, I get it, hahaha, yes I’m am idiot, happy April’s fools day to you too Chris.

No I’m serious I got home late and I just wanted to check what games I have for it.

I’ll trade you my special GG3 dispenser for it. Full.

Damn it! I only got a lousy Etch A Sketch and two tin cans attached by a string in trade for a float bottle…

Mine is especially tempting.

Steve you are the man! Got my shiny almost new iPod touch today. Thank you sir!

Hey Chris, I got the Xbox and ipod, Excellent, I appreciate it!