Is Dawn the best solution to clean windows?

I use dawn to clean windows as well as spray away…does anyone have any better ideas for residential window cleaning during the summer…

Soap Warz!

There’s a lot of E-cover fans here, but I went from dawn to ecover and back to dawn.

What are you using sprayway for? I use it on pellas, but that’s about it.

“better” should be defined.

Dawn is cheap and easy to get, hence people love it.

Why not use a soap designed for window cleaning?

It’s just as good as anything else I have ever tried.

i love e-cover and gg4

I use dawn and gg4 on commercial, as per the suggestions here, and dawn and the pill for resi on my own accord. Works really great either way…

You say tomato, I say tomato… Whatever works for you… RUN it…

I use dawn all the time looks as good as gg4

Ahh I’m not sure. As much as I like you I have to be in a friendly disagreement. On commercial it gives the extra shine and the glide is really smooth compared to just straight dawn. I know, I used straight dawn for seven years until I threw Gg4 in the mix. It’s not much more expensive either. It lasts a long time and it stretches the dawn so I think it saves money and time to use both on commercial anyway… Especially with a new rubber. It gives a really good glide with a new rubber… Try it…

I agree with you I use straight gg4 a lot and add dawn when I need more slip. The company I’m at straight dish soap on ground work. I get the gg4 from the high rise guys

When you first start out straight dish soap will work until you can get gg4

Does anyone use gg3? Is it better than gg4?

Try out HI-SHEEN instead of spray away and tell us the difference… Because I’m too lazy and cheap to switch… I use HI-SHEEN…

I use Spray-Way on mirrors and hard to access windows behind bars and such.

I’m using HI-SHEEN on CCU exclusively… I’ve never tried spray away but I’m guessing it’s a little cheaper and not as powerful… I could be wrong though…

I just use my regular solution on mirrors, but on muntins that would work good too. My main use for sprayaway is christmas paint removal where it’s a lifesaver!

Seriously? I’m going to have to try that next January. If my balls aren’t to cold to go outside…:confused:

What is Christmas paint. Like store front painted windows

Here you go: tis-season-window-paint-tip
[MENTION=38146]aviloria[/MENTION], yup, storefront paint, christmas paint, whatever kind of paint.

Oh man you southern guys… You really want to know? Talk about busting up your nicest mop and jeans. Paint all over your stuff? Dang… These people paint on their windows like no tomorrow. Santa here, snow flakes there… Forget about it… Then guess what, they don’t even know it needs to come off at some point. I get calls in March to remove Christmas paint that I solicited to remove in January. These northerners think they live in the North Pole and Santa will come and magically make it disappear…