Is it me or was this underpriced? commercial

You mean storefront?

Storefront is regular work like bi weekly or monthly service or is commercial the same for you?

I like residential and storefront but commercial I’ve had **** luck getting

Today I was actually thinking about reviewing all the previous commercial leads I’ve gotten, seeing the close rate and seeing if it’s even worth it to go on those estimates lol

I’m wasting my time and gas on them

No NOOOOO definitely NOT storefront. I HATE storefront work. No loyalty at all with that type of work.
I’m with you on wasting gas and time. There comes a time when everything needs to be re evaluated every now and again.

I am actually friends with a competitor that does that he will bid stuff low because it keeps his guys busy so he can keep them employed when he needs them for the big stuff. It’s something that drives me nuts but I also get it! If he can keep a crew filled with runaround crap that pays peanuts but it allows him to be the only one with the staff to go bang out monsters he sees that as a win. Or if he can keep guys doing low price to stuff so that he has them when he has a big housewash moss gutter window job all in one package kaboom he has the staff.

this could also be viewed as a symptom of marketing issues. reaching and appealing to the right customers you are suited for with a marketing system that brings in enough deal flow of profitable jobs

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