Is it possible to damage a customer's house pump?

Could be stupid question but I don’t know the answer.

In Europe most use tanks in vans and pump the water from those.

In America using the customer’s tap with an RODI or RO system is common - so you are using the house pump - and sometimes the RO system also has a pump to improve flow.

Is it possible to damage the house pump or customer plumbing by using another pump?

I don’t think any homes here have pumps? Never heard of that. Maybe a sump pump if they have a floor below ground, but not for water. If there’s not enough pressure than you can use an electric water pump, but that just pushes the water at a higher psi after it leaves the tap.

I wouldn’t worry too much

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urban houses with municipal water supplies do not require pumps but rural or even smaller communities that use well water require pumps. i do know whether these pumps could be damaged OR whether they would provide enough flow. i have gone to a tank system partly due to this issue: houses with well water here generally have high tds and low pressure and volume.

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Just revealing my ignorance - assumed houses in the city had pumps but I suppose they don’t need them if the municipal pumps are powerful enough.

I have also had the problem of running out of water sourced from a well. The question comes out of looking at what happens to the hose when you turn on a pump and forget to pull open the water release valve - the hose is damaged by the vacuum.