Is it Possible to use WFP on Triple Track Storm Set ups?

I have 10 homes with trippple track storms with 8 over 8 Dh’s, and I have yet to try my WFP on them due to the fact the storm window frame doesn’t allow the water to drain properly. I’m concerned with the water backing up and entering under the bottom sash, due to the age of these windows most don’t have a rubber seal.

Anyone have advice?

Seth, have you tested the water drainage and know for sure there would be an issue? Ido a huge house (a picture of it is on my Google Places profile) with 8/8’s, 12/12’s etc. I finally got the nerve this past fall to try my wfp since they are well-maintained and the paint is good. It worked very well, better than I would have guessed. No leakage and the water drained through the track frame adequately. The actual cleaning was quite easy since I do them every year and the screens are in good shape. So it is doable if conditions are favorable.
Congrats on winning the RHG contest by the way.

If they don’t have drainage holes they should. They will help prevent water damage from rain. If you need to put them in yourself drill a small hole under the bottom flange of the storm. They don’t need to be big. I’d put one on each side 1 to 2 inches in.

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