Is soft washing the only alternative to pressure washing?

Recently we’ve all been learning a lot about soft washing using SH and low pressure/high GPM techniques. It sounds and looks like this provides great results, and I’ve certainly appreciated all of the education I’ve been provided.

Here is my question: Is this the only alternative to harsh pressure washing?

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Let me state here clearly,


I can’t stress the above statement enough. I’m just trying to get fully educated so that I can understand the best way to proceed.

So what about this concept of hot water application followed by scrubbing and hot water rinsing? Is this a valid alternative to soft washing? Or is it only applicable in certain situations or certain climates? Do any of you guys have any experience with this?

I’d appreciate any input the pros have. And, as always, I really do appreciate your time.

Soft washing is far better than the three step method mentioned above. It is better for both the home owner and the business owner for these reasons

  1. Soft washing provides a more detailed clean. The soap is “splashed” into all the nooks and crannies where a brush cannot reach. The cleaning solution is strong enough to kill lower life forms such as mold and algae yet weak enough to not harm landscaping. This solution will lift the mold, algae, dirt, grime, sea breeze away from the surface to be rinsed away easily.

  2. The cleaning solution is applied and rinsed with the same or less pressure as a garden hose. No brushing needed which means less time on site and lees inconvenience to the home owner

  3. The roof cleaning method mentioned above will void your shingle warranty because it uses a degreaser to clean and high pressure machines to rinse. For safe roof cleaning methods that [B]will not void the shingle warranty[/B] you need to follow what the shingle manufactures (ARMA) recommend. The pressure we use is less than a garden hose and we never have equipment on the roof. Check out the [URL=“”]roof cleaning, soft washing and power washing videos here

The bottom line is providing the highest quality service to the home owner. If they are happy you will get countless referrals that will make your business happy and then it turns into a snowball effect by growing bigger and bigger every year.

Feel free to call and I will answer your questions to get you started in the right direction

Is there any benefit to using hot water in a residential setting?

Great question

Hot water is great for flat work (concrete, drive ways, sidewalks, popping gum, etc…) but is not needed in residential type work. It helps flat work go faster so if you have it, use it. For siding its a waste of time and fuel for the business owner while not providing any benefit to the home owner. That being said, in the early spring or late fall when the temps start to drop, the hot water will allow you to work a little longer by keeping the cleaning solution warm enough to be active.

hot water can help with surface cleaning driveways/sidewalks/pool decks by cutting down on some of the time. Is hot water a must for residential? No, but at times does help.

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Thanks guys. I went to Micah’s excellent soft washing class at NOLA, but there was so much to take in I was a little overwhelmed. Some of these questions only came to mind later.

Are there ever situations where you would apply solution and then scrub with a brush?


For gutters I would not use house wash solution. You need to use gutter grenade or something similar.

just an interesting fact. when cleaning using any aqueous solution, when the water is heated to 118 degrees, every 18 degree increment after, the energy level of the water doubles. 136 degree water is twice as powerfull as 118 degree water. hope that helps you in whatever it is that you do. there are water, agitation, time, chemical and heat (acronym is w.a.t.c.h) if you take away once component, you need to increase one of the other components ie, less heat you can increase the strength chemical or agitate more by brushing or both. if add heat you could use less chemical or dwell time…

On rare occasion you may find it necessary to lightly scrub an area where a dirt dobbers nest was. Usually soap and rinsing take care of it, but sometimes if it’s been there for a while, a brush will help remove the stain.

Glad you enjoyed the NOLA class. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I’m looking forward to the Iowa class Micah!