Is the PWR forum gone?

My computer (yest, I’m on my PC = phone too small to read) is going apesh*t advising me not to connect.

  • looks like the SSL is gone.
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@Chris @Alex @ChrisTripleC @Jessica

PWR forum appears down at the moment. :disappointed:

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Yep. Most of the day…

First I’m hearing of it.

Any word on it?

Yeah still down

Its the weekend, will probably be dealt with on Monday.

For now, get your fix on window cleaning. We are still up and running!

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I’ve been trying to check out that forum since the beginning of this past week. At first, I got bounced to a “this page does not exist” screen, then around Thursday i was getting the security error.

I assumed it was being revamped or something with how long it’s been inaccessible for me.

We are aware of the issue and it is being fixed, thanks all!

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It is fixed now. Sorry for the hassle guys.