Is there an App for that?

We are looking for something that will sync our office calender to our Iphones and droids? Know anything? That willupdate instantly too when something is added.

Doug what calendar program do you use?

My Google calendars sync instantly to my MacBook, iPhone, wife’s iPod Touch and iMac.

We are not using electronic calenders at this point. We are looking at what the best option would be to get it rolling. We’re are tired of writing chicken scratch on toilet paper.

Oh use Google Calenders then…

They are Free, you can sync them to anything, Iphones, BB, Android with super ease. You can control permissions and give your employees read only access with alerts… Neat stuff.

and you can set up diff calendars too… have a “salesman calendar” that you share w/ an office manager, yourself and a salesman, have a personal calendar for just you and your wife, have a “work scheduled” calendar everyone can see but only you and office staff can edit, etc, etc, etc.

alright, I’m on it . Thanks!

Or just use the customer factor and use that calendar Is this what you are talking about Chris?..oops! that’s not what I thought would show up. What I was basically wondering is how you go about syncing with your smartphone and is it just for notifying you when an appointment is close or the whole calendar?

Oh snap!! Take a look a Customer Factor!