Is there anyone who does outside only job

Thinking of doing outside only job’s to much of a pain doing inside. I will be man some people don’t move there stuff.

there was a company here for years that only did outside.

I do it when asked for. Did only exteriors for about 6 weeks in early covid days, but I have no problem doing interiors and most people want both. I think people would go elsewhere if I didn’t do interiors.

I do maybe 3 or 4 insides per year. Outsides only here.


I am outside only and have never regretted it.


I know this is vague and I apologize. I am interested in getting an outside only operation going. Start with storefronts but if something happens where I land into single story residential that is cool.honestly I am new into looking into window cleaning overall. I want to build a little base. I am not looking to be the biggest company but I also wouldn’t start something with my name in the title of the company if I was not serious about what I was offering to those that I do if that helps with the mindset. but I want stay outside as much as possible. I figure there are people who will want in and out. How do you all stay to just outside and and what seems to be the overall consensus from your customers when offering outside only?

My advice if you want to stay outside: start a power washing business, and offer exterior window cleaning as an add-on.

It’ll be really hard to have a window cleaning company based on exterior only, unless you manage to tap into a niche like @Pure_Water_Window_Cl has.

Sorry @DelirousDungo, this reply was meant to be directed at @Gabc


If you want to limit your income and customer base, then offer a “half service”.

I get what you are saying about people moving things - simply state ahead of time to remove nic-nacs and personal things from in front of the windows, furniture lamps and such you can move. You are offering a luxury service and most people do a poor job of cleaning their own windows, let alone house, so along comes the house cleaners and window cleaners - rarely do both jobs combine to one service, and tht is just it, you are offering a service. $250 exterior should be at least $500 interior and exterior - bank it then go do the next one.

One of the positive things that came out of the pandemic is that our outside only work went from like 20% to 50%, even higher last year.

You won’t hear me complaining


Hey @DanTheWindowMan I hope this isn’t weird but I cant seem to figure out how to message you here in the forum. Do you have an email I could pick your brain a little if you have any time?

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I just responded to an email, was it you?

It was! And thank you for responding! I didn’t get a chance to look yet but I do appreciate it!