Is there anything you would change?

If you could go back and start over, would you want to learn by working underneath someone or just going for it and starting your own company?

I already read and enjoyed the forum containing peoples start-up stories but I’m wondering if there is anything you would change. I’m starting out on my own and can see the advantages of working underneath someone before starting up on my own but I also am impatient and dislike having a boss. I feel I can make it work and I’m hoping that’s all I need to run with.
I guess I’m pretty headstrong on starting my own but would still like to hear anyone’s input or advice.

Thanks for your time!


this is just a general question I wanted to ask everybody, feel free to let me know if it belongs in another forum or topic altogether. I’m still new trying to navigate around this wealth of information.

I actually reached out to a acquaintance that I knew that did windows and worked with him for a couple years to learn the trade. He was and is a true professional in all aspects of window cleaning.

He is one of my closest friends now and I would not change how I started out. But with a forum like this, professionalism, organization, and hardwork you will be fine on your own.

Hey Cody… I worked for a few different companies (as an employee and/or as a sub-contractor) and I think I would’ve done just fine without it. If you’re eager to get started and feel like you’ll be able to learn the job quickly, I wouldn’t waste time trading your hours for dollars for someone else. Get after it!

Optimum and Michael,

Thank you for the reply. I feel the same way about it being my hours. I’ve worked since I was 16 for other people and can see how much time I’ve really wasted making other people money. I think the only pro of me working for someone now would be the arsenal of supplies they might have compared to my very basic supplies. Gotta start somewhere though!

Thanks for the input guys!


You’ll be ballin before you know it!

The only thing I would change is I would have started this business sooner. I wasted a ton of time and money on another business (building and selling patio furniture) that ended up being a huge flop. Partly because of the economy and partly because I ended up hating it. I wish I found window cleaning 6 years ago.

good to know thanks for the input phil


I would have become a marketing expert right away and documented policies, processes, and procedures to account for growth and hiring.

You’ll be fine learning the technical cleaning things on your own.

Have a plan to run a business.

I have to agree with llaczko, cleaning windows is only going to be a percentage of your time. Learn what it takes to market yourself and your business. Build value of the services you offer.

The one thing I would change is being hungry. I didn’t take this business as nothing but a part-time filler for when my other job slowed down. What I didn’t realize was the amount of time I was spending with no extra income but the paycheck. I started tracking my time(travel, work, standing around) at work and realize that I was averaging just over min wage. I tracked my time with marketing and cleaning windows, and realize I could make 5x, 6x,or what ever I wanted to make by being hungry every time I went out the door. What I mean by hungry is take this job as your only means of an income, have the mentality that you got to go it or you don’t eat. Take it seriously or give up. Every time you walk out the door, you will run into a potential client, the guy you talk to at the gas pump, the store clerk. If they don’t need windows cleaned, they may know someone that does. Again, don’t take this as a if it works, it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t…you got to go make it work.

and P.S. don’t be sitting at home planning every little detail…get out and DO it. you can plan your life away but it wont get done until you get off that couch and take this business as a means to the end.

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]and P.S. don’t be sitting at home planning every little detail…get out and DO it. you can plan your life away but it wont get done until you get off that couch and take this business as a means to the end.[/INDENT]

Couldn’t have said it better.

I quickly realized that today on my first job. I can only think of so much before-hand but you learn so much more by getting out and just doing it. I’ve done 2 full houses now and learned so much from both of them. I still have plenty of learning to do but I’m excited to keep going now.
And yes I can understand how important marketing is. I’m working on providing honest, excellent work that I will guarantee and if the customer isn’t happy I’ll come back and fix something. Thanks for the advice you guys I’m sure I’ll need plenty more in coming weeks/months/years/decades!