Is there no originality left?

Google this phrase: “That’s because window cleaning is time consuming, difficult or dangerous to do.”

Or check out how many companies have just stolen Window Genie’s wording here

I am remaking our website and I have been looking at hundreds of them over the last few days and I’ve noticed not only a lack of originality but downright copying of wording from one site to another.

Are we that dumb/lazy? Getting ideas form others are one thing but being to lazy to write your own content is another.

wow the search results are wild

who says window genie even came up with it? lol

Web content is like music… theres only so many ways to put notes together before its all been done every possible way.

at least one can make it their own and add their own style and flair

it’s not like these are highly stylized songs from Michael Jackson or something

this is like bad karaoke at a hotel bar

Can you hear Simon and Randy Jackson critiquing? :slight_smile:

Funny you should use that illustration. I think that the limit will not be reached for a real, real long time- if ever.

Have you turned on the radio lately?

I agree, Steve. Jaded phrases lose their value big-time.

I’m pretty sure they did because I remember seeing it several years ago on their site when I was making my first site and their site was copyright so I kinda assumed they wouldn’t be stealing and copyrighting content that wasn’t theirs.

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I think it matters not.

Look at the first few results for that phrase.

Someone looking for a window cleaner in CT. will not search for the next one down the list, in Colorado, and the next one down, Kentucky.

In fact, if a potential client was looking to nitpick every phrase on my website, i wouldnt want them as a customer.

I realize that customers probably won’t be searching for that phrase but it’s still sad to see that there are so many in our industry who are just copying someone else’s work passing it off as their own. And yes, if I was looking at two websites in the same geographic area and found duplicate phrases I would be wondering about someone’s ethics.

Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? - YouTube

Very enjoyable video. Thanks for posting.

I make every effort to listen to stuff I like, and that doesn’t include new stuff for the most part.

I am in agreement. Most new stuff is awful and prepackaged. If I want to hear something in particular i just produce it myself nowadays.

No problem. His videos are great.


I feel better about my service area when I see these photos on my competitors’ websites.


I am in agreement. Most new stuff is awful and prepackaged. /QUOTE]

I think I would say that new POP-type music is pretty terrible. But there is tons of new music that is pretty great.

The POP stuff has always been terrible, though. New or old, doesn’t matter.

Every era has good music, and nearly every genre has music of merit. And every era/genre has terrible stuff, too.

you forgot the one with the lady and the coffee cup looking out :slight_smile:

way overused


It’s obviously my opinion, but I think a higher percentage of POP was good in the 60’s and most of the 70’s as compared to the 80’s and especially the 90’s to now.