Is there no originality left?


I have seen it as differentiation to be noticed/signed/hit big money pushing the envelope in any specific direction/genre further and further out

mainstream has become a donut hole, everyone is at the edges of whatever it is that they are doing (hey Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book is 10 years old, maybe quite a few are acting on what they read, lol)

kind of like craft beers can go all the way in one flavor direction which may get noticed but also receive more polarized for/against buyers

just my 2 cents
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supposedly google is supposed to know who was the originator of a phrase or text content, and anyone else believed to have copied the content after the original should get penalized in some sort of way by googles ranking algorithm.

lack of originality in a website could only mean that the business owner did it himself and was too lazy to create his own content, or he low balled a web guy to make his site for $50 and the webguy got the upper hand by copying content, you get what you pay for.

Not trying to hijack the thread (but I am?)…

I think this is kind of a golden age of music. Used to be that very few artistically creative people got record deals. So perhaps there was a higher percentage of good music, but there were fewer professional musicians overall.

Now, anyone with drive can get their music out there. Sure, that means more terrible music…but it also means more good music. We don’t need the radio/record labels any more. We can go straight to the source.

And good bands are like smart small businesses. They find ways to thrive in the new market place.

Agreed, and its all “Pay to Play” now as well.

Perfect example…

I am a EDM producer. My latest song come out on November 30th as an exclusive release to SatelliteEDM (a large DJ music store) It quickly hit #1 in Progressive house and electro house, and soon after hit overall #1 in all genres, and has been there for 2 and a half weeks.

It came out in other places (Beatport, Itunes, Amazon, etc.) last Friday and you can’t find the thing unless you specifically search for it. Wanna know why? I didn’t do the whole payola thing with them (which is illegal, yet standard practice).

Google “Al Walser”. He literally trolled himself into a EDM Grammy nomination. His music is God-awful. He is the epitome of what is wrong with the music biz today.

I dunno, maybe Im just used to getting by in all aspects of my life on MERIT, not who’s **** I can best **** (self edited).

Either way, Im good.

I tried to stay with original material for my website but just like you, I looked at hundreds of websites and spent a couple years creating mine. Its mind numbing. After a while, My words and others words started to blur. I probably accidentally used some wording from others sites thinking it was mine. I know others have used my words. I’m sure many do it and don’t care, but I know there are also probably people like me who unintentionally do it too.

There are so many copies of my ACWC site out there. Photos jacked, words, logo, testimonials…

The only thing you can do is keep improving it and staying ahead.

A;though I agree that a lot of content on the web is not original, I think it is important not to assume people are copying others when some of their web content is the same. that phrase contains ideas that are common when people think of window cleaning. It would be easy for two window cleaners to come up with that same phrase and not have gotten it from anyone. As a matter of fact I would expect it as common as those ideas are to window cleaning. To me the phrase seems so common it does not even seem original to the first person who posted it on their site. To me it lacks creativity. I don’t know why anyone would need to copy that as it would be easy to think of on your own.

testimonials jacked, ha ha ha, that is crazy

If it makes you feel any better, Google penalizes sites that have same/similar content. Karma?

If you’re looking to the radio to find new original music then you have already lost. It is all essentially the same. The good original stuff isn’t even played on the radio.

The only radio I listen to now is NJ101.5 (NJ talk radio) and WNYC 93.9 (the smart people channel).

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING else is crap here

Ha Ha Chris, me too! 101.9 was paying sort of alt for about a month.

You have The Rat down there too… so jealous!