Is there such a thing as too small of town

Hi everyone, I plan on starting a window cleaning business in the near future. My wife and I just moved to a small town in Wyoming and I have put a lot of thought into starting a business especially since there is no one out here that I could find that is offering it. I just didn’t know if living in a small town with the closest “decent sized town (17,000 people)” being 30 miles away would be enough to make a living. Any answers will be helpful because this is the only part that I’m concerned about. Thanks in advance!

I have about 5,400 in city limits and about 13,000 in a service area of about 30 miles. The service area includes boat and plane access only, so I wish I had road access to 17,000 within 30 miles.
My company is diversified, my primary revenue is from full service cleaning for commercial properties. Intermittent revenue comes from my “day jobs” of window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor work.
I hope you can be successful, good luck!

As Malcolm points out, you may need to offer more than just window cleaning with a smaller base of potential customers. That way you can hopefully stay busy with enough other services to offer.


I have 3 years of landscaping experience but non in the window cleaning business. I have thought about doing little landscape/lawn work as a side business to help out. If I end up doing landscape/lawn care work also how should I promote it? Should it be as one business and all of that info on my flyers/business cards and so on with both window cleaning and lawn care?

Ya I would do it all them. Gutter debris removal , power washing , Windiw Clesning , screen repair , roof Cleaning , chandelier cleaning.

I wouldn’t add it all at once , but at least start out with window cleaning , an gutter debris removal., gutter whitening is easy you could do it with a hose pritty much Sonya add hat also


No there is not to small of a town. You may have to offer additional service besides window cleaning.

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You can put together any services that you feel you are worthy of charging for. Let your ability and imagination run with it.

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How far are you willing to travel?

How many people are within that area you are willing to travel.

This might be of help to you:

good luck


Thanks everyone for the input! I feel more confident now after reading your thoughts. Greatly appreciated!